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Summer Tips for Roof Maintenance

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Many people take care of their roofs in autumn due to falling leaves and in winter due to snow and ice but let their maintenance lapse in summer. You can take care of your roof in summer to ensure it stays in good shape for the rest of the year.

These summer tips for roof maintenance tell you how to protect your roof as the temperatures increase.

Summer Roof Maintenance Tips

Making time for these five roof maintenance tips will protect your roof all summer and prepare your home for winter.

1. Check the Attic

Heat rises, and the sun beats down on your roof, so your attic will get hot. Without adequate ventilation, these high temperatures can damage your roof—heat cracks between shingles, leaving gaps that cause leaks.

Before the summer heat sets in, go into your attic and check the vents. They should be open to allow heat to escape and fresh air to enter the attic. Also, look over your insulation, which is crucial to keep moisture at bay.

2. Inspect the Shingles

From the exterior of your house, you can see if all shingles are in place. Loose, cracked, or missing shingles can lead to leaks and more severe roof damage. Summer is a great time to check out the quality of your shingles and patch or repair the necessary sections. Taking care of your shingles now will strengthen your roof for the coming winter months.

3. Clean Gutters

Homeowners know to clean gutters after the trees lose their leaves each fall, but cleaning them in the summer is a good idea to ensure optimal roof health. Leaves can blow off trees during spring storms. Grit from your shingles can also wash off the roof with heavy rain, clogging your gutters with silt.

In addition to cleaning your gutters, check to see if they’re properly attached to your house. You can tighten loose gutters or replace damaged sections during the summer. This process ensures they can handle the rain and snow from winter.

Clean, securely attached gutters funnel rainwater away from your roof and into the ground. Without gutters, the rainwater can pool on your roof, damage the shingles, and cause leaks.

4. Check for Mold, Moss, and Algae

Summer is hot and rainy, with high humidity from morning to night. Algae thrive in these conditions and can grow on your shingles. This type of growth eats away at your shingles and causes serious damage to your roof.

Depending on how rainwater falls on your roof, moss can grow in moist areas. If you don’t remove moss from the shingles, it attracts more water and causes them to crack.

5. Call in the Professionals for a Roof Inspection

Many homeowners need help finding algae or shingle damage on the roof. Instead of risking a hard winter without proper maintenance, contact professional roofers. They’ll perform an inspection and advise you of any steps necessary to protect your home.

How Don Grant Roofing Can Help

These summer tips for roof maintenance give you an idea of what you can do to keep your roof in good shape. If you need help with any of the tasks, Don Grant Roofing can help. We have years of experience in the field and can provide the exact services you need. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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